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What is the Beach Parent Teacher Association (PTA)?

The Beach PTA is a group of committed parents, guardians, and teachers who have come together to try to make Beach the best school for each and every student through volunteering, advocacy, fundraising and community building.

What does the Beach PTA do?

The Beach PTA supports students by financially backing such programs as SUN and Playworks; by advocating for students at Portland Public Schools (PPS) forums and meetings; by supporting teachers through classroom mini-grants that help pay for supplies and field trips; by building community through fun free monthly events such as the Harvest Festival, pottery night, holiday cookie decorating, and Multicultural Night; and by promoting and organizing volunteer opportunities both at Beach and in the greater PPS community.

Who can be a part of the Beach PTA?

Any parent, guardian, or teacher can be a member, and any member can vote on PTA business. Membership participation is important, and the more people we have involved, the stronger our community will be!

Dues are $15.00 a year.

Please fill out the “form” below. Also. please write a check for $15.00 to Beach PTA (no cash please) and send to
Beach PTA
1710 N. Humboldt St.
Portland, OR 97217

or drop off your check in the front office – please put it into the PTA Treasure’s mail slot.


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How do I find out about what’s going on at Beach?

We recommend you sign up to join our Beach Google Group. Announcements, information, important events, opportunities and needs are sent out to everyone signed up on the Beach Google Group. You can also send messages to the Beach Community once you are signed up.

To join the Beach School Google Group:

1. You need a free Google Account. If you use gmail or other Google services you already have a
Google account! Or, sign up for a new free Google Account here.
2. Sign in to your Google Account and Request an Invitation!
Once you’re a member of the Beach School Google Group, you can email the group at:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Please keep in mind that this is a communication tool for the entire Beach School Community for items of
interests to our school and our community. It is a moderated forum which means that your post/message
must be approved before the email is sent to the group and posted to the forum board.
To change your email settings (individual emails, daily digest, no email) and other group settings, go to:

My Groups (you can even use Google to search for My Google Groups), and select Edit memberships

The Beach Community Voice Facebook Page is a place to discuss concerns and engage in  conversations for change and to support families that are feeling like their voice isn’t loud enough alone.

This is not a PTA affiliated page and the comments and events are not PTA sponsored. This is intentional as there are many rules and regulations to hosting such a forum as a PTA. We felt it necessary to keep the platforms independent. You will find many members cross over between the two so please don’t feel like you need to pick one.

How does the Beach PTA raise money for programs?

We raise funds through events like our annual auction, concerts at the Overlook House, grant writing, and various smaller events held throughout the year. For more info, contact

Thank you for being involved at Beach School!