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Please support Beach SUN enrichment classes

Please consider giving a donation to support and increase the number of the Beach after-school SUN enrichment programs. SEI (who oversees our SUN Community School) is now providing the Beach enrichment programs, but the agency is not allowed to charge a fee for the courses and its budget for classes is limited to serving only 200 students for the year. However, there is a much greater demand for the classes as shown by the 348 Beach students who participated last year. The additional classes and enrollment was made possible because of a one-year grant from the Kaiser Foundation, and parent and PTA contributions. With your help, we can continue to offset the cost of these courses and make sure we continue to offer a wide variety of classes and serve all students who want to take the classes. Please keep in mind that a donation to the Beach SUN program does not guarantee any particular student’s enrollment or participation with SUN programs.

The suggested donation amount is $50 a class (which was the cost of our BASE classes prior to the SUN program coming to Beach), but any amount will help. Please write a check to Beach PTA and make sure you write “Beach SUN classes” in the Comment section so that your donation will be used to support our SUN classes. Checks can be dropped off in the Beach School office. Or, just click DONATE to easily support Beach SUN school. You will get bonus points if setup your donation to be recurring from now until the end of the school year!