Why do we raise money for Beach PTA?

While Beach School is a part of Portland Public Schools (PPS) and is funded by tax dollars, there are some valuable and worthwhile programs that are not in our school’s budget and in order to have them at Beach, we must raise the money to pay for them. Programs such as Playworks and SUN are only partially paid for by the state and county, it is PTA’s responsibility to raise the money to pay the difference. Teacher mini-grants that are available to every teacher at Beach and are used by teachers to improve their classroom are paid for by PTA dollars. Community building events such as the Fall Harvest Night and cookie decorating or pottery painting events are funded by the PTA as well.  Other items that are in Beach PTA’s budget include: PPS Clothing Center contributions, student project requests (yearbook, school dances, athletics, and miscellaneous student support) health and wellness programs, and various school support.

How do we raise the money?

The Beach Fundraising Committee is in charge of coming up with events and programs that will earn money to pay for PTA programs. Our goal is to come up with events that are fun and involve our whole community, as well as raise enough money to fulfill the PTA budget.


Who can be a part of the Beach Fundraising Committee?

Anyone can join the fundraising committee, in fact the more people who help out, the better! You don’t have to have experience, you just need a little enthusiasm and a willingness to pitch in to be a part of the fundraising team. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month, usually in the Beach School Library, and childcare is provided.



The Beach Fundraising Committee